4D Construction Sequencing


A 4D Construction Sequence or 4D Phasing  Animation allow construction programmes, schedules or logistics strategies to be represented graphically. They are simulated by producing 3D models of the scheme and adding a 4th Dimension – Time.  These build sequences provide the opportunity to visualise the proposed construction methodology and display knowledge and understanding of the project and demonstrating to an audience technical details in a clear and precise way.

  • A 3D model built up over time to show construction sequence and site logistics.
  • Visual communication and review of the construction programme and site methodology.
  • Virtual representation of potential problems.
  • Time and cost savings due to the ability to create various sequence options to maximise efficiency.
  • Eliminate phasing errors before getting to site.
  • Better awareness of the expected site conditions.
  • The display of knowledge and understanding of the project – essential when bidding for work.
  • Anyone can watch an animated build sequence and gain an appreciation of the construction process.
  • Greater opportunity to display the advantages of prefabricated modules – and associated cost savings.

The build sequence animations can be delivered as slide-by-slide images which are used in documents such as bid submissions, and also as a fully rendered animated movie that can be used for on-screen presentations.

At Clearbox Studio our expert team have many years working within the construction industry and specialise in construction animations and images to support bids. We have a proven track record of producing bid winning presentations for many construction companies. Our aim is to work with you and identify the best use of multimedia graphics to deliver a winning visual presentation.



4d interior fit-out animations show all stages of a construction fit-out from 1st fix through to fixtures and fittings. They can be a standalone animation or they can be used to enhance the overall construction animation once the building has become water tight and no visible external changes can be seen.